Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Garrett J. White Review

Here is the third installment of our special series, “Profiles of Authority“,  where we share an interview with someone that has demonstrated the capacity to position themselves being an authority of the industry.

Today we talk to Garrett J. White, the “Master Coach Mentor” and creator of the Warrior 90 Day Challenge.

At the age of 24 Garrett unleashed on the planet of Investment Banking and Real Estate Investing.

Over the following 6 years Garrett became a multi-millionaire while building 3 national mortgage companies, an empire in Real Estate, and an expert speaking career traveling, training and connecting with thousands of people round the United States.

But at the age of 30 Garrett lost everything.

His empire in mortgages & real-estate was unable to recover from the impact of the credit crunch and mortgage banking crisis.

He was broke, in debt beyond belief and felt completely alone.

The pressure of providing for a household and the financial explosion in his personal life created a vibrant tension that drove him to ask questions of himself he'd never asked before.

These questions led him on a trip of self discovery that will ultimately liberate and awaken him to a host to wholeness he'd never know before.

Now, he shares that with the world.

Insights into Garrett J White

Garrett has simply woken me up. His Wake Up Warrior training is simply powerful. I've seen plenty of dating coaches through my social networking feeds, but a distinct insufficient real men. That is…men with no Tony Robbins size and jargon. Just straight actionable content.

He's the true deal. There's a distinctive history of his impact over numerous years for married business men. He's built numerous multi-million dollar businesses which have impacted thousands of lives previously.

Wake Up Warrior

This is Garrett's premier training program. It's for married business men who would like results, and simply desire to transform their lives. Wake Up Warrior has a huge selection of excellent reviews and feedback online.

There's an on the web training course, an entry-level bootcamp and an enhanced boot-camp. They are called Warrior Week. The boot-camps are all held in the USA, but I do know several people who have travelled over go now, including those from Australia for Warrior Week.

Information regarding these events is somewhat tight-lipped, and for good reason. The information is far more advanced than what's available, and men at these workshops really do open up. It's not for the faint-hearted either. The downside is these events aren't cheap, but divorce isn't cheap either.

I do recommend that you watch the Wake Up Warrior and Be The Man movies which can be found online. This can be a rare sneak-peak into Garrett's students and workshops to awaken men. There exists a shit ton of reviews available already, I don't need certainly to validate this any longer for you. Draw your own personal conclusions.

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Garrett J. White Review

Here is the third installment of our special series, “Profiles of Authority“,  where we share an interview with someone that has demonstrate...